Paradigm Consulting Group Inc. agreed to join forces with Smart Employee Benefits Inc. ("SEB", TSXV: SEB) in August, 2014. SEB is a technology company providing software solutions and services to corporate and government clients, with specialty practices focused on managing group benefit solutions and health claims processing environments.

As an overview, SEB's global infrastructure is comprised of two Divisions: Technology and Health Care. The Technology Division currently serves corporate and government clients across Canada and internationally. The Health Care Division focuses on SAAS and BPO solutions in the Personal Health Sector, and delivers its offerings to corporate and government clientele.

In the August 25th SEB Press Release, Mark Hustak, President/CEO of Paradigm stated, “Having grown unique specialties in healthcare IT and managing and transacting big data, SEB has the ability to significantly deepen our expertise in our current markets and beyond. With SEB, we are poised for delivery of high value-add solutions that satisfy customers’ most relevant needs in the growing demand for immediate Business Intelligence around Big Data.” He continues, “Paradigm has been evaluating its options during the last year to expedite our growth prospects. Over the past 23 years, Paradigm has provided management consulting, change management and application and IT services to corporate and government clients. Paradigm has over 150 billable consultants, mostly employees, who service a legacy client base, where the top 10 clients have an average engagement history of over 12 years. Paradigm has unique specialty practices and strong client relationships in healthcare, government, technology integrators, insurance and utilities. The SEB Group gives Paradigm the opportunity to incorporate advanced software and solutions in its sales mix. These solutions will have significant value for the majority of Paradigm’s client base. SEB has made significant progress in establishing a footprint in Western Canada, and Paradigm gives SEB the local presence and delivery capability to expedite and expand this footprint. The combination of Paradigm and SEB significantly enhances the opportunity for both companies to become a major competitor in Western Canada in providing technology to clients, particularly solutions for healthcare and benefits and claims management.”


About Paradigm’s Strategic Fit with SEB

Healthcare: Paradigm has provided IT services and ongoing support on numerous healthcare projects, including electronic medical records, payor/provider registration, system integration expertise, insurance applications and acquisition integration projects, and has key vendor relationships with numerous government and corporate clients in this sector. Clients include eHealth organizations, Ministries of Health and Regional Health Authorities, to mention a few.

Public Sector:  Paradigm maintains long-term vendor relationships within multiple areas of government and government organizations, including crown corporations. A number of these organizations are excellent opportunities for implementation of SEB technology solutions. Major projects have been completed for provincial government ministries, provincial crown corporations and the Government of Canada. Specific areas include: driver and vehicle licencing and insurance, justice, social services, education, agriculture, energy and resources, liquor retail and licencing, gaming, and land titles.

Insurance: Paradigm has been involved in multiple technology projects in the insurance industry and has extensive ongoing client relationships. A full range of services was provided, and major projects have been completed for national and international insurance companies and financial services companies headquartered in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  The specific business areas include: group health insurance, individual life insurance, casualty insurance, crop insurance, vehicle insurance, and investment portfolio management.  SEB technology solutions and expertise have added significant value for automating numerous insurer business processes.

Technology Expertise:  Paradigm has key specialty skill sets and experience which are critical to managing the systems integration required to connect legacy data systems to new technology solutions, while allowing seamless connectivity between the two environments. Most healthcare and benefits administration processes require this connectivity and systems integration expertise.

Client References:  Paradigm has numerous client references which carry substantial weight in responding to RFPs in both the government and corporate sectors.  References are a critical ingredient of meeting RFP mandatory requirements, as well as an indicator of successful projects.

Delivery and Support: Paradigm provides local expertise and delivery capabilities, along with ongoing support infrastructure, to manage existing and future SEB client relationships in Western Canada. This is particularly critical with client outsourcing projects and fits well with SEB’s “SaaS” business model.