Independent Project Review

Paradigm is a leader in Independent Programme / Project Review (IPR) Services (Click here for more info). We have successfully completed IPRs for some of Western Canada’s leading public entities, contributing directly to the identification and resolution of challenging problems. The IPR can be utilized in three ways:

1. Readiness Assessment

The Readiness Assessment is designed to evaluate projects at the earliest stages of development to ensure they are positioned for success. With the readiness assessment we aim to:

  •  Validate Governance & Management Model
  •  Ensure Sufficiency of Status Reporting & Communications
  •  Anticipate Challenges & Take Pro-Active Action
  •  Engage the Team

2. Programme / Project Health Check

The health check provides a low-impact, minimally disruptive opportunity to validate the status of the programme or project, and proactively address any emerging issues. The health check includes:

  •  Low-Impact Validation of Status
  •  Questionnaire-Based Assessment of 8 Key Programme / Project Areas
  •  Assessment of overall Programme / Project Risk
  •  Limit the Impact of Emerging Project Issues

3. Programme / Project Review

The review is designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of your programme or project, including root cause analysis of issues and the development of a plan of action to get things back on track. Within the review, we will:

  •  Provide Objective Answers to Challenging Programme / Project Questions
  •  Engage the Team & Stakeholders
  •  Conduct Complete Review of Documentation
  •  Create a Plan of Action

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